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Zied Ben Romdhane |

Zied Ben Romdhane (b. 1981, Tunisia) started his career as a commercial photographer. In 2011 he switched to documentary photography and photojournalism. His work has been featured in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

His recent exhibitions include Views of Tunisia (Arles 2013), After the Revolution (White Box, NY 2013), and Zones d’Attente (Clark House, Bombay 2013), kushti (Maison de la Tunisie, Paris 2013), Fotofest Biennial in Houston Center for Photography (Houston , USA 2014), Sahel (1×1 Gallery, Dubai 2014), Trace (MUCEM, Marseille 2015) , Afrotopia African biennale of photography (Bamako , Mali 2017), and the Biennale of the photographs of the contemporary Arab world (France , Paris 2017) ... .

Romdhane published his first book West of Life in 2018 with Red Hook Editions.

Prizes and awards include, selection for the Prize 6X6 Global Talent Program 2018 with World Press Photo Foundation, participant of Joop swart masterclass with World Press Photo, winner of the POPCAP award (Africa Image, Basel, 2015).

He is the Director of Photography of Fallega (2011), a documentary film about the Arab Spring in Tunisia. Ben Romdhane was a participant in World Press Photo’s 2013 Reporting Change initiative, member of the collective “Rawiya” and “Native”.

Zied Ben Romdhane joined Magnum as a nominee in 2019.

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Mohamed Mahdy |

Mohamed Mahdy (Egypt, 1996) is a Visual storyteller based in Alexandria whose work concentrates on the buried and unseen communities in Egypt, as well as cultural and social issues. He believes that immersing himself in disparate communities and firmly believed that by telling these stories you are permanently placing them within the context of the larger community. His work has been exhibited at the 25 Youth Salon and the Ministry of Culture, as well as in Paris biennale. He has exhibited twice with the Ian Parry Scholarship in London and also in Photoville in New York. and in 2018 he was named by The New York Times Lens blog as one of 12 emerging photographers you should know. Currently he is a Magnum fellow.

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Razan Alsalah |

Razan AlSalah is a Palestinian filmmaker, artist and a teacher,and also a faculty member at Concordia’s Communication Studies department. Razan’s work has been widely shown at various national and international festivals and galleries. Razan is a 2021 Sundance Grantee, 2020 Arab Fund for Arts and Culture Grantee, as well as the recipient of the Latham Award for an Emerging Experimental Video Artist at Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Sunbird Award for Best Narrative Short at Cinema Days Palestine. In her artwork, Razan investigates the material aesthetics of dis/appearance of places and people in the context of colonial image worlds.

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Nadia Bseiso |

Nadia Bseiso is a Jordanian documentary photographer based in Amman. She completed a degree in photography from Florence, Italy in 2011, returning for a residency in Fondazione Fotografia in Modena, in 2015. She concentrates on long term projects, based on personal research in geopolitics, history, anthropology and environmental degradation.

In 2016, she was selected for the Arab Documentary Photography Program, funded by The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Magnum Foundation and the Prince Claus Fund, for her project “Infertile Crescent”. Selected as Time – Light Box female photographers to follow from around the world, March 2017. She is working with several local and international NGO’s since 2011. Clients include, Unicef, The New York Times, The Telegraph, Reuters, Zeit magazine, the Intercept, The Globe and Mail, U.S News & World Report.

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Roï Saade |

Roï Saade is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the intersectionality between graphic design, photography, and the arts.

Roi’s process-based practice centers on a close collaboration between artist, designer, and curator. His approach is complemented by comprehensive visual research and creative exchange. He is interested in finding and creating ways to resist systems of domination and inequality.

As a photographer, Roi’s work attempts to investigate individual and collective identity and experience through the documentation of social and personal encounters. He often collaborates with Tamara Abdul Hadi, his partner in life and vision....

Roï’s virtual studio takes on projects such as branding, arts & culture projects, and publications. Roï has designed and curated exhibitions, corporate identities, magazines and specializes in book design, where he blends his passion for photography and design.

Roï holds an MFA in Graphic Design from USEK University in Lebanon. He is currently a Research Associate at Access in the Making research lab at Concordia University, Montreal.

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Tamara Abdul Hadi |

Tamara Abdul Hadi is an Iraqi photographer whose work is concerned with the historic and contemporary representation of her own culture, in its diversity.

Along with being a photographer, Tamara is an educator who has taught photography courses in Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, Kuwait and Tunisia and Canada.

Her work has been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The National, Huck Magazine, VICE, Slate and more....

Abdul Hadi was a founding member of Rawiya Collective, a photography co- operative of female photographers in the Middle East. She is a member of We Are The Medium, an artist collective comprised of interdisciplinary artists working independently.

She often collaborates with Roï Saade, her partner in life and vision.

Tamara holds an MFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
 Her photos have been exhibited in the UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, France, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Canada and the US.